Make the Most of a Bad Day

Bad days happen. Sometimes, bad days are our own fault. Other times it feels like the
whole world is on a mission to make us miserable. A bad day doesn’t have to be a lost
day. It doesn’t have to stay bad.

There are plenty of things you can do to save the day.
Instead of lying down and surrendering, you can fight back with a smile. Show that
bad day who’s the boss.

Use these tips to make the most of a bad day:

Set reasonable goals for the remainder of the day. Take a look at the amount of
time you have left and re-evaluate how you’re going to spend that
time. Throw your previous plans in the garbage and start over.

Have fun with it. It can help to just laugh about how poorly things are going.
Decide that you’re going to persevere even if the rest of the world seems to be
against you.

Make a gratitude list. When life hands you a bad day, take a few minutes and
remember that not everything in your life is bad. There are many things you can
allow yourself to feel grateful for. Make a quick mental list of everything in your
life that’s positive. You’ll feel better.

End on a positive note. Give yourself a treat at the end of the day. You could
have your favorite dinner. Watch your favorite movie. Hang out with a friend.
Have something planned that you can look forward to.

Find a way to laugh. Watch a funny video. Talk with your funniest friend. Find a
way to have a genuine laugh, and your day will be a little less painful. Laughing is
a quick way to change how you feel.

Get outside for a bit. Give yourself a break and get some fresh air. Go for a walk
or sit and listen to the birds. Feel the wind and sun on your face. This can be an
effective way to change your perspective.

Sing or dance. Singing and dancing can lift your mood and make you smile. Turn
on your favorite song and join in. How can you feel bad about your day when
you’re singing and dancing? Give it a try and watch how it makes you smile.

Sweat. Work out some of your frustrations by working up a good sweat. You’ll
also relieve some of your stress. A quick run or trip to the gym can help you
make the most of what remains of your day.

Do something nice for someone else. When all else fails, put your attention on
someone else. Look around for someone you can help in some small way. It’s a
good diversion from your challenges, you’ll feel good about yourself, and
you’ll also brighten someone’s day.

A bad day isn’t necessarily a lost day. You can make the most of the situation. You
might have to alter your plans, but it’s possible to still be productive. Do
your best and remember that there is always tomorrow.

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10 thoughts on “Make the Most of a Bad Day

  1. Great tips! It’s so easy to just write off a bad day and stay miserable the entire day. I like these ideas to turn the day around, instead.

  2. Very good tips to use on a bad day. My favorite thing to do on a bad day is to blast my favorite song (I See The Sun), and I’m reminded that life could be worse, but we make the most of the time we have.

  3. All of these are of course excellent ideas and in a perfect world we would do them all. I love your 5th point. Laughing heightens all the senses and releases lots of positive endorphins which can put a bad day back on track or at least make you realise whatever you thought was bad wasn’t in the grand scale of things. I watch a stand up routine on youtube every lunch break at work. Just 10 minutes or so but it completely re-sets my mind and sets me up for the afternoon.

  4. valuable post.
    yes, bad days doesn’t mean that you surrender and do nothing.
    great tips and I particularly love the suggestion of making a gratitude list.
    it definitely eases the pain of the day.
    thanks for sharing.

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